This iPhone comes at a crazy low price right now

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If you're looking to treat either you or your loved ones for the holidays, there are probably few gifts they would really enjoy or need as much as a new phone. It's one of those few and far between luxury items that you actually use every day. But oh my god, they are so expensive. It seems like they've gotten astronomically more costly since the last time you bought a phone. 

So you've kind of held off until now, but it would be a really nice gesture. It's really not as out of reach as you think. Allow us to introduce the Apple iPhone 11, 6.1" 64GB (Wi-Fi + GSM Unlocked). It's just the amount that you don't feel awful spending but also goes towards incredible quality. It's on sale, but not for long, so don't wait. 

This model is refurbished, which in case you aren't familiar with it, means that it has been fixed up to work as good as new, aside from a few scratches on the body. In other words, it means that EMB Phones, the certified reseller who restored it, is fixing the issue of planned obsolescence that Apple created. When you buy from them, not only are you making a financially smart choice, but also a sustainable one. Double win! 

This model has 64GB storage and a 6.1-inch liquid Retina display, which makes it the perfect phone for apps, photos, and videos. Basically, it can keep up with your busy lifestyle, from watching videos while you're out and about, being the friend group's photographer, and essentially everything else in between. 

It's all powered by the A13 Bionic chip, bringing you the speed you need to browse online efficiently, along with power efficiency. With a 17-hour battery life, there's a lot of fun to be had with this phone. 

The Apple iPhone 11, 6.1" 64GB (Wi-Fi + GSM Unlocked) normally costs $699, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $319.99.

Price subject to change.