Extreme Mormons: "Do it for your seven wives."

On their bikes with the matching safety helmets, on foot in the neighborhood, always with a backpack and their nametags, you may have seen and talked to the domestic missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their preppy presentation and consistently cheery character are not the only side of these disciples for Christ. There is an extreme side. The Instagram account Extreme Mormons will surprise you.

Featuring dialogue by and between the "Elders," they perform rad stunts on their skateboards, scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, and other roving devices (children's tricycles) to quiet the haters who claim Mormons are not extreme. For real, that's one of the punch lines; ask Elder Perish.

Set to Van Halen's 1984 anthem "Jump."

"Hello, everyone, this is Elder Mathew. Today I was gonna do this very big jump on my bike. But unfortunately, the atheists stole it again. So, with the permission of my sister, I have her bike with me and I am going to do this very big jump to make history for the Church of Latter-day Saints." So, let's get extreme."

In this post, Elder Mathew is counseling Elder Jeremiah, who doubts jumping off the roof with his skateboard.

Elder Jeremiah: "I don't want to disappoint anyone." Elder Mathew: "Do it for your seven wives; you got this."

Elder Slippy explains his intentions, "Today God brought me to Woodward skatepark on my rollerblades. I'm here to slip up the ramp, slip off it, and slip faith into your heart."

One more quote to tempt your attention and faith in the interweb's genius. "Hello Everyone, this is Elder Jeremiah. Today I am at Pedlow field skatepark to do some extreme stunts to convert the local skaters at the park. So, let's shred the gnar for God.