Laura Ingraham continues to eat her own as she bashes the GOP at TPUSA (video)

The party formerly known as the GOP continues to chow down on its own, with Laura Ingraham sinking her fangs into "mainstream" conservatives like John McCain, staunch conservative Mitt Romney, and neo-con George Bush at Turning Point USA in Phoenix over the weekend. Pitting MAGA czars against old-school Republicans, Ingraham bashes the "acceptable Republicans" of bygone days for losing.

"You can't get anymore acceptable than those guys, right? …. They lost!" she sneers with a shrug. "…What does that tell you? That people don't want that type of Republican anymore!" (See video below.)

Good thing the gobbling Fox host is so busy enjoying her auto-cannibalistic feast she forgets how MAGA has fared in the past few elections.

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