Slow Impact is "A skate vacation in the desert" with panels, art, live music and more

Bring your stunt wood, notepad, and love for the community to Tempe, Arizona, in February.

"Slow Impact – Skaters Lounging, off work" is hosting an event from February 16-19, 2023, and everyone is invited. "We hope to see all your beautiful faces in February! More info coming soon. For people looking for places to stay, we geotagged a central spot above—80% of the events will be within skating distance of that park."

Arizona in February. Sun, skateboarding, community, and cultural events. It's going down. Follow their Instagram for more details coming soon.

The gestation of this idea can be traced to a Twitter post in August by Ryan Lay about organizing a skateboarding event in Tempe.

"Ok, think toned down CPH in Tempe. If we actually set up an itinerary of 2/3 parks/spots a day + a night event (bar/art show/premiere/talk) over the course of 4 days on a holiday weekend in Jan or Feb. You'd have to find housing in the neighborhood and potentially transportation."