This high-speed charger powers up multiple devices at once

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There's a universal truth about everybody's home: there are never enough outlets! That means you're constantly having to unplug objects and swap out cords in order to keep everything in running order. But there is a simple solution when it comes to your chargers: You can get a power strip.

We particularly love the Anker 321 Power Strip, which retails for only $34.99. It boasts three AC outlets and three USB cords, so you can plug in multiple devices at once. Charge your phones and tablets while you keep your lamp or sound machine plugged in, for example. Simply put, you don't have to make hard decisions anymore. 

It's not just that this power strip lets you keep multiple objects on at once. It utilizes special powerIQ technology to offer high-speed charging. Once you've charged your phone that way, there's no going back — you save hours of time. We also appreciate the size of this power strip. Unlike other similar devices, it's small and lightweight, less than two cubic inches. It saves you space at home, and it's possible to travel with it, too. With 10 feet of cable, you can place it almost anywhere in a room. This sleek, black device looks stylish, too!

Another bonus? Safety. The Anker 321 Power strip features overload protection and a fire-retardant casing so you can feel secure about plugging in your many devices. Plus, you get an 18-month warranty on this power strip, too, just in case there are any malfunctions.

With Anker, you know you're getting quality. As MacSources noted in a review of the company, "Anker makes some truly wonderful charging products." This power strip is among them!

Change the way you charge your devices and get the Anker 321 Power Strip for only $34.99 now.

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