A perfect recreation of different rag doll effects in video games

The physics engines that power video games are awe-inspiring. Gone are the days of A.I. characters possessing robotic mannerisms and reactions. The nonplayable characters of modern games respond to the stimulus your character provides with an insane level of accuracy. Even though there are several elements worth celebrating about physics engines, the funniest has to be the ragdoll mechanic. Whenever an NPC receives a hit that would topple or kill a human being, the ragdoll mechanic kicks in to emulate a realistic fall. Although the attention to detail is always impressive, it's pretty hilarious as well. 

If you've played enough video games, you've probably unconsciously memorized all of the subtle movements of an NPC in ragdoll. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Kommander Karl does his best impression of the most memorable ragdoll movements in video games. Spoiler alert: the Grand Theft Auto one is easily the best one in the compilation.