Tavin Dillard: mowin', edgin', grass-cuttin' legend

Tavin Dillard is a storyteller, chronicler, philosopher, and connoisseur of fine donuts and Dr. Pepper. He is especially interested in the caloric and energy potentialities of baked goods and chocolate milk, as his primary money-maker is lawn care. I am waiting for new posts. Dillard's posts are short anecdotes and wisdom about everyday life observations, deep philosophical conundrums, and the joy of living with the life God gave you.

Gut Health, Memaw's Christmas Party, Trampoline Possum, and Wal-Mart Fight are just a smidgin of the themes he covers.

After Dillard started getting many views on his Instagram, he formally introduced himself.

"Well, here recently, a lot more folks have found me on the interweb, and so I figure I should introduce myself. So my name is Tavin Dillard. I live in Chancellor Park. I mow lawns.

I'm a mowin', edgin', grass-cuttin' legend. Welcome. And hey, I got all kinds of…

If you need a bag of bacon, you can't have this one, but you can check the link in my bio for the world of the Chancellor Park you can be a part of.

Or if you want to hear who got stuck in a bike rack down at Rickets grocery store, just stay here. You'll probably find out. It was Cheryl Grubbs. They had to call the fire department."

Dillard likes bacon.

In this post, Dillard, sporting a t-shirt identifying all the edible parts of the pig by name, comments on the challenges of Christmas caroling,

"I like that 'Oh Holy Nights,' but after the first two lines or so, after it says, 'it's the night of our dear Savior's birth,' I'm just guessin'. I have to lip sync it at that point because I don't really know what I'm saying if I'm in a group, like a Christmas Carol – I just kinda mouth the words a little bit.

[Singing] Forlorn and wind-torn, caramel corn and candy canes, I behoove the, beseech me nigh. Reindeers and walnuts, Mort Dwydell's got nasty guts cuz he got that milk trait refugee.

[Talking]: He got that thing where you can't have no dairy, the Milktrape Bahageny. But you don't want to sing that part too loud."

Check out his podcast. Click here for other commercial and online content. You can also find "Tavin's Bag of Bacon," a "Bink Bink Mug," shirts, stickers, hats & hoodies, and even a personalized greeting from Dillard – who likes bacon.