The Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker rap the Beastie Boys

Before Ice T's Body Count and Rage Against the Machine, the Beastie Boys crossed musical genres, from Hip Hop and funk to heavy metal and punk. In this Instagram post by "mylothecat," the Beastie Boys transcend another musical horizon, this time with the Muppets – "The Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker as the Beastie Boys rap the classic "So What'cha Want."

As you may be wondering, Mylo the Cat is "That dude that does those cartoon hip-hop mashups, aka Adam Schleichkorn, aka isthishowyougoviral. 2017 Webby Award winner, 2018 Nominee."

Check out Schleichkorn's video of "Vomitspit by MF DOOM Made Entirely With GIFs."