What is Mouse Arm Syndrome? If your appendages ache while surfing the internet, you might well feel it.

Do your fingers, wrists, hands, and arms hurt from surfing our brilliant posts, following their comment threads, and discovering new worlds? You may suffer from Mouse Arm Syndrome (MAS), or mouse arm, or in some cases, mouse shoulder, a repetitive strain injury (RSI). 

Symptoms of mouse arm and mouse shoulder may include muscle tension, tingling sensations, increased localized swelling, weakness, and chronification – which causes the brain to associate pain with activity, a form of phantom pain. MAS may also increase your need for cheese and constant gnawing.

This short video explains " Why The Mouse Scroll Wheel Causes Hand Pain And Arm Pain."

This video offers tips for getting rid of mouse arm and mouse shoulder pain. Note that it does not include an inhumane trap.