Australian actor and comedian Sam Cotton's "Ani-Mates"

If you're in need of a solid laugh or have a burning desire to jump down a rabbit hole that might make you laugh until you wheeze, do yourself a favor and check out the Instagram profile of Australian actor and comedian Sam Cotton.

When COVID lockdowns first began in 2020, he used the extra time on his hands to turn a sketching hobby into something more, and began animating Instagram Reels. The results, which Sam calls his "Ani-Mates," are nothing short of hilarious. Now there's Ani-Mates merchandise, a book, a TV show in the works, and a bit of a race for the best Ani-Mates tattoo.

I never knew I needed to see milk that's gone bad in the fridge hold the other foods hostage at gunpoint, but you can bet I'll be checking my expiration dates more closely from now on! Enjoy!