How did Donald Glover become the modern renaissance man?

Usually, the phrase is supposed to go, "jack of all trades, master of none." However, the adage doesn't seem quite accurate when it comes to Donald Glover. There isn't an avenue of entertainment that Donald Glover hasn't explored throughout his career. When Glover first rose to prominence, he could've easily found a permanent residence in the world of comedy. With writing credits on 30 Rock, a stand-up special to his name, and his viral Derrick Comedy sketches, Glover could've comfortably coasted as a comedy star. Instead, Glover chose to venture into the world of rap as the critically acclaimed Childish Gambino. 

Although he initially struggled to make inroads into Hip-hop- due to his background as a comedy star- Glover found massive success with his second studio album, Because The Internet. After finally earning the respect of the rap industry, many thought Glover would remain a fixture in hip-hop. Instead, Glover shifted his attention to crafting his hit FX series Atlanta. The man is just good at everything. 

In the video linked above, the YouTuber King Benny Garcia explains how Glover became the contemporary version of a renaissance man.