Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 9 is coming February 17th next year

As manga and anime have grown globally, countless aspects of the medium have changed significantly. Long-time fans of Japanese animation can attest to the medium's drastic shift in art style and narrative content from the 80s to the present. Moving away from the robot/sports-centric manga that dominated the 70s, Japanese comics of the 1980s began to focus on burly protagonists that resembled Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star

When Jojo's Bizarre Adventure debuted in 1987, the series borrowed heavily from Fist of the North Star's aesthetic. However, Jojo's swiftly changed to reflect the evolving medium around it. From the size and gender of its protagonists to its battle system, Jojo's has never fallen out of step with the industry. In fact, one could argue that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was the catalyst for some of the shonen genre's most popular trends. And on February 17th of next year, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series will continue to innovate with the release of the hotly anticipated part nine. You can check out the announcement in the tweet linked below. 

The official announcement arrived in the latest publication, which featured quite a few stories in the Joestar universe as creator Hirohiko Araki continues to explore the bloodline through different realities since the manga debuted decades ago. Officially kicking off on February 17th next year in the March 2023 issue of Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine, Part 9 is officially knock as "The JOJOLands, and you can check out the official announcement below: