This video explains how Universal's Dark Universe could have been great

Despite becoming a punchline, Universal's Dark Universe actually had a lot of promise. Since the advent of the Marvel cinematic universe, several studios have taken a stab at creating their own interconnected film series. Currently, Warner Brothers Discovery's CEO David Zaslav has made it his personal mission to rectify the sorry state of DC Comic's film division. However, even though DC's film brand pales in comparison to Marvel's output, it's still infinitely better than Universal's Dark Universe, as the series is only comprised of a single film. 

On paper, the idea of connecting all of Universal's monsters to act as a counterpoint to Marvel's superhero universe makes perfect sense. The idea becomes all the more enticing when you remember that Universal was actually the first studio to have an interconnected movie universe. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Daniel Netzel explains how Universal's failed Dark Universe could've become a brilliant cinematic series akin to Marvel.