Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo talk about Batman and Spawn's new rematch

Spawn ruled the world of comics in the 90s. Using his immense popularity to help create Image Comic, Spawn's creator Todd McFarlane turned his undead character into a superhero that rivaled icons such as Superman and Batman. In short order, Spawn became the focal point of an animated series and live-action movie well before older characters like Green Lantern and Thor could garner one. 

Spawn's popularity was so all-encompassing that the character even found himself rubbing shoulders with one of the comic book industry's greatest heroes: Batman. In 1994, Todd McFarlane and iconic Batman writer Frank Miller joined forces to put the two dark heroes in a single book. At the time, it seemed like the only interaction the two would have, but Spawn and Batman actually crossed paths again on the 13th of this month. In the video linked above, you can listen to Todd McFarlane and long-tenured Spawn and Batman illustrator Greg Capullo talk about working on the epic rematch between the two titans.