What are superheroes good for, anyway?

People often ask each other what superpowers they'd grant themselves if they could. Whether it's Captain Marvel's near invulnerability, Iron Man's brains and billions, or Captain America's ass, one question that is seldom asked is "what would you do with those powers?"

Well, America's Ass aside, perhaps you'd use your powers for good, cure diseases, end poverty, or bring about World Peace™. However, our Marvelous heroes seldom do; instead they uphold the societal status quo—and all the problematic power relations, systems, and structures within it. 

Check out this video by Jonathan McIntosh (AKA Pop Culture Detective), where he examines the role of Marvel's superheroes not as instigators of social change, but as protectors, shielding us from it. 

Maybe it's time we looked to our heroes to change the world, rather than keep it the way it is?