Colorized film of daily life from the early 20th Century

Vancouver, Canada, 1907.

Colorizing pictures is magical. Colorizing life with difference is also magical. Akin to time travel, colorizing emphasizes a collapsing and expansion of vision. Sight seen and seeing with imagination's wonder: how the history presented in monotone greys explodes with fascination when color is added.

Check out these colorized and upscaled black-and-white home videos of Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris, New Jersey, Utah, Shanghai, Texas, and other cities, from the early 20th century through the 1960s across the US and the globe. We have NASS, from France, to thank for this fascinating footage.

"Hello, i am NASS, i love restore and upscale old videos with neural networks, enhance with modern software tools. stabilisation, speed correction, contrast, sharpness enhancement, noise removal, dust and scratches removal, add color with A.I., and sound for the ambiance."

I appreciate NASS's desire to share his skills with others. This video explains the black-and-white colorization technique, while this post describes the process. In the description section for each video is a more detailed explanation of the software used.

Check out this article from My San Antonio about NASS's restored videos,

"NASS restored the video from black and white footage found on Internet Archive, a nonprofit online archive of publicly uploaded footage, sound, and photos."