Flash mob performing Jax's "Victoria's Secret" pisses off the store

It's not often I find myself flipping through radio stations, and even less likely a pop song will catch my ear, but I recently heard "Victoria's Secret" by JAX, and I was instantly captivated. Sure, it's catchy and fun, but the lyrics are the real standout–they perfectly and succinctly call out the corporate behemoth for its bullshit. A taste:

"I know Victoria's secret; And girl, you wouldn't believe; She's an old man who lives in Ohio; Making money off of girls like me; Cashing in on body issues; Selling skin and bones with big boobs; I know Victoria's secret; She was made up by a dude (dude!); Victoria was made up by a dude (dude!); Victoria was made up by a dude."

I had to know more, and I wasn't disappointed. These are the messages we need to be sending to the next generation. And a smart and funny songwriter like JAX is just the person to do it. If you, like me, love shaming corporations for their nonsense, check out Jax pissing off a local Victoria's Secret with this viral flash mob video.