This video suggests Alex Jones is now "Finding Out"

In an unhinged rant, infamous shock jock Alex Jones announced his upset over having entered the Find Out phase of his life story. Groceries cost money; Jones needs a judge's permission to keep his show on the air; and libs, libs, libs! Jones still blames anyone but himself for the fantastic hole he has dug.

Crooks and Liars:

Then he attacked the media because "a bunch of the audience thinks, 'Well, he's going off air. I'm not going to support him.'" He whined that headlines reported, "Judge Strips Jones Of Bankruptcy Protection In Devastating Blow To Jones."

Jones claimed "we took the stay off" (again forgetting the role of the judge) "because we're appealing it." Actually, it was more like an agreement had been reached with the Sandy Hook families.

That was nothing compared to the lunacy that came next. He called it "a liberating feeling," that "I'm going to get down to the point where I can't buy groceries. That makes me feel actually like I've done my job. I'm actually liking this in a way."