Urban cowboy Kosha Dillz raps 'Happy Chinooka' with Gangstagrass in a Brooklyn dive bar

Celebrate Hanukkah with "Happy Chinooka," a lively and catchy song by Israeli-American rapper Kosha Dillz, also known as Rami Even-Esh. The track is created and backed by the eclectic Brooklyn-based bluegrass hip-hop group, Gangstagrass, and the music video is set in a Brooklyn dive bar, featuring a whole cast of characters. (via Dave Pell)

As the world experiences a surge in over racism and antisemitism, Gangstagrass & Kosha Dillz link up to save us all with an array of characters and farm animals at a Bed-stuy Brooklyn dive bar, recreating the beloved 2020 Smokey Robinson cameo into a bluegrass hip hop Hanukkah hit! The song tells the story of Hanukah, Chanukah, or in this case …Chinooka. It surely is one epic party.