Cold Sear method yields a fast, easy and delicious pan-seared steak

The original technique is nothing new, but this is the first time I've seen the moniker "Cold Sear" applied to it, and just like Joanne Harris wrote in The Gospel of Loki "A named thing is a tamed thing." Lan Lam provides the crucial extra bit of knowledge about adjusting the heat post 2nd flip according to the sound of the sizzle, necessary 1.5" steak thickness that Bridget Lancaster didn't put in her ATK video where I originally found this, at the time un-named technique (I had been calling it the 2-Minute Steak for the past year, even though multiple people pointed out that it took more than 2 minutes):

Before we get into cooking steaks, let's talk about our goals here. What we want is a really great sear on the outside, great browning, a good crust, that's where a lot of the flavor is. We also want the center to be cooked from edge to edge. I shoot for 125, 'cause I like my steaks at medium rare. You like your steaks cooked a little more, take them a little higher.

There's also the bonus points. I want a method that is quick. I want a method that doesn't make a mess, and I don't wanna use any special equipment.

The Best Way To Cook Steak? | Techniquely with Lan Lam