Krispy Kreme to deploy robots in factory stores within 18 months

Krispy Kreme CEO Mike Tattersfield announced in a Yahoo Finance Live interview that automation is being tested with an expected $2 million annual savings resulting from robots taking over portions of it's factory stores, with projected robot deployment to begin within the next 18 months:

Mike Tattersfield: Probably within the next 18 months, you'll see some automation starting to go into the frosting, the filling, the sprinkles, and even the packaging. We've got some pretty big factory stores, again, that we do 12,000 points of access today, which get fresh doughnuts globally. You need to start looking at what the automation capacity of that is because it is going to the grocers. It is going to the convenience shops. So you'll start seeing that start to happen next year, and you'll continue to see a little bit.

Brooke DiPalma | Yahoo Finance