This wine subscription is perfect for drinking 2022 into the sunset

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We've all got our favorite go-to drinks. Some of us drink beer, some of us drink soda, but for the very elite, wine is always on the brain. Could be something festive, could be something dry, could be a bottle you stole from mom and dad's liquor cabinet 30 years ago and just decided to open. Either way, not all wines are made the same, and your advancing tastebuds should reflect that.

If you're looking for something to take the edge off of the holiday cheer that once was (AKA grandma grandstanding Kanye West), you could try this voucher for four bottles of Winc wine that'll set you back just $25 and includes shipping.

Once you get the voucher code, head to Winc's website, peruse at your leisure, and score some super yummy wines at a price you won't find at your local state store or wine dealer. Be your own sommelier by checking out with reds, whites, or anything in between for a toast to the end of a very, very strange year.

According to the vino folks over at Winc, plenty of their sips are low-sugar wines, which means they contain 0.5 grams of sugar or less per 5-fluid-ounce serving. This makes the deal fantastic for both your wallet and your wellness if sugar is something you're paying attention to.

No need to leave the comfort of your sleeping frock (in fact, we suggest leaving it on so as to not give the UPS guy a show); the wines are delivered straight to your door for an easy way to get sloshed in your hooded blanket.

Over the age of 21? Find out what The Huffington Post and Forbes are raving about. Get your first 4 bottles of wine from Winc for only $25, no coupon needed. Act fast: 12/30 is the last day of this promotion and to get great wines on sale.

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