A boxer shows us the authenticity of a boxing anime's fight scenes

One of the reasons anime has become so popular in recent years is tied to its engaging and kinetic fight sequences. In the Western world of animation, even the most stunning action shows lack the depth and complexity of anime's intense fight choreography. Many casual observers would probably chalk the beauty of an anime's fight scene down to the quality of animation on display. And while they wouldn't be wrong, you can't overlook the dynamic direction and shot selection that goes into an excellent anime fight scene. The characters' realistic and balletic movements are part of what makes the aforementioned shot selection so visually arresting. 

In the video linked above, the team behind YouTube's Scenic Fights takes a look at the world of Megolobox. Since the entire anime revolves around a boxer, the crew at Scenic Fights enlisted a skilled boxer to lend his eye and evaluate the authenticity of the series' best fight scenes.