Argentina's central bank wants to put Lionel Messi on its money

You know, I thought that once the World Cup was over, the news surrounding the event would stop. I mean, once we've finally figured out who the best team in the world is, what else is there to cover? Well, there's actually quite a lot to cover, as the winning team of Argentina and its star player Lionel Messi keeps making the news.

One of the first stories that captivated the internet post-World Cup was how a picture gallery of Messi celebrating his team's World Cup win became the most liked picture in Instagram history. Shortly after that, the world-famous influencer Salt Bae made headlines after he forcibly inserted himself into Argentina's victory celebration– directly after the team won the prestigious cup. Now, according to The Daily Mail, the central bank of Argentina is debating if they should put Lionel Messi's face on the new 1,000 peso bill. If only we could get sports stars on our money here in America.

Actually, that's probably a terrible idea, now that I think about it. 

After the talismanic forward guided Argentina to their first World Cup win since 1986 in Mexico, Messi has been at the centre of discussions to have his face put onto a new 1,000 peso bill.

According to newspaper El Financiero, the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina are eager to mark the national team's historic win in Qatar and have been working on ideas since before the epic 4-2 shootout win in the final over France.