Brutal winter storm takes out waterfront restaurant's dining room in Provincetown

Fanizzi's Restaurant by the Sea, located on Commercial Street in the Cape Cod town of Provincetown, is no stranger to storm damage. In fact, they have a section on their website devoted to storms. So when its dining room was destroyed and taken to sea by Mother Nature on Friday, it was unwelcome but not entirely surprising. This is not the first time the owner and chef, Paul Fanizzi, has had to rebuild his restaurant due to storm damage, as it's been hit several times in the past. It's currently closed for business but Fanizzi said in a TV segment 15 years ago that locals love dining at his place when the weather's bad. Speaking about a different storm, Fanizzi said, "Traffic was all way down the block because they want to see what's going on." The Cape Cod Times has a video of the latest incident.

The perks of having a restaurant so close to the bay are numerous: the breathtaking views of Provincetown harbor, the sounds of the ocean and the creatures it nurtures and of course the tranquil sunsets illuminating the Provincetown Monument. Most importantly the ocean and mother nature herself provide us with a complete and utter feeling of serenity . . . most of the time. All perks aside, the ocean is possibly the most powerful and unpredictable of all the earthly elements and from time to time mother nature likes to remind us of such.