Heartbreaking visit to a delusional Qanon family

Andrew Callaghan of Channel 5 visited a family where the parents have indoctrinated their children with the bizarre mythology of the Q movement. The children are homeschooled because their mother doesn't want to make them wear masks ("The virus is man-made like my dad says, so it's worth it not going to school," says one of the three kids), and they are convinced that the government is run by "reptilian bloodline" pedophiles. The father explains that the Chipotle logo hides the symbol for a "boy lover."

Qanon is a new religion. It may not grow much bigger than it is now, and it may recede, but it will never go away because there will always be money to be made from duping these pathetic believers.

Thumbnail image: Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan/YouTube