The trailer for the VR game Primal Hunt looks amazing

Virtual reality has been the future of video games for almost 30 years. Since the early 90s, video game fans have envisioned a day when graphics and technology would be immersive enough to support a fully realized virtual reality game. Well, that time is now, and, to be frank, it doesn't feel that different. Even though we have virtual reality games and headsets, the market has yet to catch fire in a manner equivalent to PC and consoles.

For some reason, VR hasn't gone truly mainstream yet. One of the primary reasons people haven't become genuinely invested in the virtual experience may be the quality of VR games. VR hasn't had its Super Mario Bros moment yet, but if the trailer for the game linked above is any indication, that moment might be coming sooner than later. In the video at the top of the blog, you can check out the slick trailer for Primal Hunt.