Watch this adorable gecko hatching

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Watch this tiny gecko hatching out of its egg. First it cracks the shell in a few places, and then suddenly pops its adorable tiny head out. Look at its little face and giant eyes looking at you! It then crawls all the way out and ta-da! The sweet gecko has arrived! This video was posted by Instagram user @king_bob_andrepticrew, who also posted this accompanying text:

Well majority voted "yes" to see last the baby hatch. And here it is! This is Puck, as in Wolfgang…instantly named because this egg was the egg that cried wolf so many times ðŸ˜† by far the hardest footage for me to capture. 11 days overdue according to everything I read about gold dust day geckos' incubation period and exactly 5:09 am. My hands were prepped and clean to welcome the little one.