Wire up tiny modular pixel art synths in picoSYNTH

I've seen minimalist software synthesizers and I've seen 'em in Pico-8—there's even one built-in to the fantasy console, replete with a tracker-based sequencer—but picoSYNTH has adorable little modules to wire up. There's even physics simulation of the cables! It's an experiment in the expressive potential of simple "skeuomorphic" user interfaces—like a Pico-8 edition of Reason.

Welcome to picoSYNTH! It is a playful way to create simple loops and beats. But by combining the equipment in interesting ways you can also make crazy complex stuff. Hope you'll enjoy it! … Join our discord, showcase your work, and check out cool stuff built by the community. 

It's the work of Johan Peitz, who has made other freakishly advanced Pico-8 apps such as this 3D modeller, which I'm pretty sure is far better than anything I ever saw on a 16-bit, let alone an 8-bit computer. He has a patreon.