The alien sounds produced by skating on black ice

Most of us are taught to avoid stepping or skating on thin ice, but there are thrillseekers out there, such as Mårten Ajne, who do the opposite. The act of skating on thin ice is known as "wild ice skating" or "nordic skating." 

Black ice can be as thin as two inches. Experience and planning their excursion beforehand is what helps wild ice skaters determine if a black ice pond or lake will support them. Temperature, atmospheric conditions, and even satellite images are used by wild skaters to decide if they feel safe enough to skate on the black ice. Even while taking all possible precautions, you are taking a serious risk while skating on black ice. 

Risks aside, thin black ice is extremely smooth and emits otherworldly, high-pitched sounds when skated on. The noises would fit in perfectly in a sci-fi film soundtrack.