There's a giant baby at Duncan Family Farms

There is a giant baby sitting in a field on Duncan Family Farms near Goodyear, Arizona. It's a giant plywood cutout of a baby by artist John Cerney, created in 1998. It was taken down in June 2013 because of a freeway expansion project, and appeared again in December 2020. According to a news clip from Fox 10 Phoenix, the baby depicted is named Janie and is the granddaughter of a former employee at Duncan Family Farms. Janie is now in her early twenties.

Eccentric Roadside provides more facts about the giant baby:

A really big baby, in fact, 20 feet tall and delightedly playing with a life-sized tractor driven by a headless farmer. It's all the result of a collaboration between Arnott and Kathleen Duncan of Duncan Farms and artist John Cerney, whom they commissioned to create the giant cardboard and plywood infant in 1998. Originally, the baby was joined by other cardboard figures of a larger than life, but not as large as the baby, tractor, and two regular-sized adults trying to corral their huge offspring to play nice with Mr. Farmer Man's pretty tractor. The artworks were originally part of Duncan's vegetable farm and petting zoo, but a local ordinance soon prevented them from operating these businesses on the property, so the field by the highway has remained barren since 2001. Barren, that is, except for the giant baby.

If you want to see the Giant Baby, you'll have to drive way out west of Phoenix, Arizona. Roadside America provides directions

Northwest of town, on the east side of AZ-303 between exits 107 and 108. To get close, take exit 107 (Camelback Rd), turn east, then immediately turn north onto the dirt access road. Big Baby is back! It is only visible on the northbound 303 between Camelback and Bethany Home Roads. Get off the 303 at Camelback and take the access road.

In the meantime, you can see the baby and a few other large cutouts in this clip from Fox 10 Phoenix.