Think Salma Hayek's breakout hit was Desperado? Watch Midaq Alley

Before Salma Hayek starred in Robert Rodriguez's western action film Desperado (1995), alongside Antonio Banderas, Rodriguez's and Quentin Tarantino's From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), and her portrayal of Frida Kahlo (2002), Hayek starred in an adaptation of Novel Prize Winning novelist Naquib Mafouz's, Midaq Alley. For her role, Hayek won the Ariel Award.

El Callejón de Los Milagros (In English, the movie was also distributed as Miracle Alley or The Alley of Miracles, and currently as Midaq Alley) "explores the intersecting lives of a diverse group of individuals whose stories converge inside a vibrant Mexico City neighborhood. Among them is local cantina owner Rutilio (Ernesto Gómez Cruz), a family man who gives in to latent homosexual desires. His son, Chava (Juan Manuel Bernal), yearns to emigrate to America, while the desperate spinster Susanita (Margarita Sanz) dreams of finding a husband. Finally, there is Abel (Bruno Bichir), a poor barber whose romance with the innocent beauty Alma (Salma Hayek) tragically ends after she is coerced into a life of debauchery."

The trailer is available here. Here is a recent 2018 review in English.