Zachary Levi steps up to defend James Gunn's new DC universe

Remember when The Rock ensured anyone that would listen that his character Black Adam would change the "hierarchy of power" within the DC universe? It seemed like a pretty plausible claim back in October, but now we know that the idea is basically dead in the water, as James Gunn has decided to focus on other characters during the first of DC's new film reboot. The decision to move on without Dwayne Johnson isn't an isolated incident, as DC has also decided to let former Man of Steel star, Henry Cavill, go. The latter decision regarding Cavill has caused tons of fans- who were formerly in favor of Gunn's ascension to the top of the DC pyramid- to decry the studio's new direction. 

Shazam! star Zachary Levi—whose position with the company moving forward is still up in the air— has recently come to the defense of James Gunn and Peter Safran's fledgling DC universe, according to Variety

However, Levi came to Gunn and Safran's defense on Thursday night during an Instagram Live, encouraging DC fans to give the new CEOs "time to make something special."

"You have no idea the reasonings behind any of the decisions that are going on. The amount of conjecture and rumor mill and drama and nonsense that keeps getting spun around out there on Instagram and Twitter is laughable. It is unbelievably laughable," Levi said. "So I would just say be patient, and give them some space and some time to try and really make something special. And I think something that DC deserves to have, and something that [Zack] Snyder tried to do and it just didn't ultimately materialize, guys."