Enjoy the benefits of the sauna at home with this infrared blanket for $399.99

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After a long day at the office or an intense workout, sometimes we just need a little rejuvenation. The Vortix Sauna Blanket can help ease your aches and pains and it's only $399.99!

We love a good day at the sauna — there's truly no better way to detox and reset, and with the Vortix Sauna Blanket, you can enjoy the perks of the sauna without leaving your home. The Vortix is a technologically advanced heated blanket that fits snug like a sleeping bag. Get in and get cozy, and with the push of a button, the blanket will quickly begin to heat up. Adjust the temperature accordingly from 86°-167°F (30°-75°C ) and relax for 5-60 minutes, dependent on what your body needs. 

Unlike other sauna blankets on the market, this one utilizes infrared lights to help penetrate human tissue without causing the body to overheat. Get rid of harmful toxins, metals, joint and muscle pain, and inflammation—the health benefits are infinite! Sweating out the bad stuff can simultaneously help reduce stress, improve circulation, and ease body discomfort. Treat yourself to the ultimate form of self-care—you deserve it. 

The Vortix Sauna Blanket only weighs 19.2 lbs and is easy to take with you on a trip or move from room to room. Once you start feeling changes in your body, slipping into this soothing blanket at the end of the day might just become the thing you look forward to most. Lay back, relax, and get ready to sweat!

Rated 5 stars on vortix-technology.com, one verified customer said, "It's an excellent product. I've only had my Vortix blanket for a few weeks, but I can already say I'm thrilled with this purchase. I had been shopping for an infrared sauna to incorporate into my recovery from mold toxicity and through my research knew a little about the Vortix brand. Relaxing, effective, and easy to clean and store, and I can already see an improvement in inflammation, skin tone and overall well-being. Having an at-home sauna feels so luxurious!! Highly recommend adding this module to your self-love program."-Henry D. 

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