Excruciating and entertaining Dark Souls challenge runs

Any gamer you cared to ask would admit that when it comes to tough games, From Software's seminal Dark Souls series (and all of their games that follow a similar formula, like Demon's Souls, Sekiro or Bloodborne) are already pretty tough. There exists, however, a very special kind of person that looks at the brutal, unforgiving challenge these games offer and says to themselves 'how can I make this worse'? YouTuber ymfah is chief among them- their accomplishments include beating Dark Souls 3 without ever using movement controls, Dark Souls without ever killing anything, and Dark Souls 2 exclusively by blowing themselves up.

Apt music choices and slick presentation make ymfah's odysseys all the more entertaining to watch- even if most of said entertainment is derived through laughing at their abject misery. But isn't that what Dark Souls is all about?