Listen to these new covers of classic fighting songs

The new arrangements of these classic songs of struggle, revolt, desire, and transformation released in this album were made to sing along to. And if you do not know the words yet, find them and learn. Eleven anti-war, anti-Fascist, socialist, and anarchist revolutionary songs originally composed by partisan forces from Spain, France, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Italy re-imagined by the French musical collective Motivés, on their album 1998 Chants de lutte. Motivés is Jean luc Amestoy, Rémi Mouilléras, Magyd Cherfi, Hakim et Mustapha Amokrane, Céline Amokrane-Chesnel, and Laure Madaule-Grellety.

Motivés was formed from elements of the political musical collective from Toulouse, Zebda, that later evolved into a political movement. Zebda is "a music band whose protest songs area form of militant struggle against discrimination. Such artists, who celebrate the varied cultural landscape and the polyphonic identity of the contemporary French Republic, aspire for a shift from a monocultural melting pot to a multicultural mosaic that honors its values of liberty, equality, and fraternity."

Here is a list of tracks.

1. Motivés, Le chant des partisans

2. El paso del Ebro

3. Hasta siempre

4. Nekwni s warrach n lezzayer

5. Bella Ciao

6. La butte rouge

7. La cucaracha

8. Bandiera rossa

9. Le temps des cerises

10. Nicaraguita

11. L'estaca

You can listen to the album here.