Chris Rock is poised to make history with his new live stand-up special

The world is waiting for Chris Rock. Since Will Smith shockingly slapped the comedian at the Oscars, pretty much everyone on Earth has been waiting for the genius comic to provide his perspective on the event. At the time of the slap, Rock was already in the middle of a comedy tour, and audiences assumed he'd launch into a host of new gags aimed at the embattled Fresh Prince. However, that didn't happen; instead of offering his take, every other comic crafted material about Smith and Rock's admittedly one-sided confrontation. 

From Andrew Schulz's hilarious rant aimed at Smith to Chris' brother Tony conjuring up a funny, albeit rage-tinted, verbal assault on the Emancipation star, the comedy world had some jokes to tell. But there was only one question: where was Chris Rock's response? 

In the video linked above, you can watch the teaser for Rock's new live Netflix special, which will be the first of its kind in streaming history.