Nerdwriter1 exposes the real fake cameras of Toy Story 4

From it's inception, Pixar enhanced its cinematography step by step, with innovations both subtle and visceral to the average viewer. Evan Puschak: "Now I say significantly, but that's in terms of lenses. As a viewer, the difference may not be something you notice, but it will be something you will feel." In the video below, Nerdwriter1 details the attention to cinematic detail that grounds Pixar's animation:

If you enjoyed the above video, you'll find Nerdwriter1's book "Escape Into Meaning" an excellent read, where Evan Puschak focuses his thought provoking views using words alone, that illustrate his ideas as sharply as his video essays, proving the old adage that a master should be able to kill with a stick, just as easily as with a sword.