Netflix might make a Stranger Things spin-off anime

Even though it has some competition these days, Stranger Things is the big fish in the pond of Netflix's original content. In earlier years, House of Cards held the distinction of being the series that helped Netflix define its brand for original programming. However, when the series closed its final curtain, the spotlight fell directly on the absurdly clever series Stranger Things. From its first season, Stranger Things became a viral sensation, with viewers dressing up like the show's first breakout character Eleven. 

Now with a few seasons under its belt, Stranger Things is arguably more popular than ever. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and the Duffer Brothers-creators of the series- announced that the next season would be the show's last. If the thought of losing Stranger Things has you bummed out, fret not, as, according to Comic Book Resources, Netflix is planning an anime spin-off for the hit series. 

The Stranger Things Cinematic Universe continues to expand, with an anime spinoff series reportedly in the works for Netflix.

According to What's on Netflix (via Twitter), the anime series will be titled Stranger Things: Tokyo and is being billed as the "first" Stranger Things spinoff. While plot details are scarce, the series will reportedly follow "video game-loving twin brothers living on the outskirts of 1980s Tokyo" that are sucked into a grand adventure after an encounter with the Upside Down. Tokyo is planned to be around six hours long.