Top Russian shipyard boss "suddenly" dies "tragically"

Imagine being a Russian with any level of responsibility for anything military, these days, in a world with so many windows in it.

A major Russian shipyard that specializes in building non-nuclear submarines said its general director had died suddenly on Saturday after 11 years in the job, but gave no details. Admiralty Shipyards, based in the western port of St. Petersburg, announced the death of Alexander Buzakov in a statement. He had been in the job since August 2012.

Russian news agency TASS added that he died "tragically". The Maritime Executive adds more about his line of work:

The sudden death occurred a day after Buzakov presided over the launch of Velikie Luki, part of the new Lada-class submarines that he said formed the future not only for Admiralty Shipyards but for the Russian Navy due to their advance systems in automation, hull, maneuverability and compactness.

The Lada-class or Project 677 submarines are a small diesel-electric attack sub with advanced capabilities and quiet acoustic signature. They can dive to a maximum depth of 300 meters and can operate for 45 days with a crew of 35. They displace 1,765 tonnes while surfaced and have six torpedo tubes.

A talented leader, a master in his field, a lifelong shipbuilder, a true Russian, very aerodynamic.