Magical (but uncomfortable) office chair made from giant hunk of amethyst crystal

Saitama, Japan-based stone workshop Factory-M is selling this magical office chair fashioned from a huge hunk of amethyst crystal. It weighs around 218 pounds and, according to creator Koichi Hasegawa, you can actually sit in it. Of course, you can also sit on a pile of barbed wire but that's doesn't mean it's comfortable. The chair is available for around $3,300 and would make a lovely throne for the New Age cult leader in your life.

From Oddity Central:

…Hasegawa, the founder and owner of factory-M, told reporters that he came up with the idea for the unusual-looking office chair while on a trip to the United States, looking for natural stones to bring home to Japan. Upon seeing this large L-shaped piece of amethyst, he immediately pictured it processed into a chair, and decided to go ahead with the idea.