New Green Lantern series "scrapped"

Having a successful film adaptation can do wonders for a superhero's public perception. Prior to the MCU, Iron Man was the definition of a C-list superhero. Despite his status within the Marvel comics 616 universe as one of the premier Avengers, the character's sales figures were minuscule compared to other heavyweights emanating from the House of ideas. Flash forward to 2022, and Iron Man has become one of the pillars of the genre. 

Similar to how one solid adaptation can change a character's fortune, a crappy one can almost irreparably destroy their reputation. Millions of people thought Daredevil was a dumb idea for a decade, thanks to the Ben Affleck film from the 2000s. Again, flash forward to 2022, and the character's reputation in live-action is equivalent to that of his comic book exploits. 

When HBO Max announced that they were developing a mature Green Lantern series, fans of the Emerald Knight thought the character would finally get his "Daredevil" reinvention in live-action. However, thanks to the Warner Brothers Discovery merger, the series appears to be dead in the water. 

A new report suggests that the Green Lantern series, originally announced for premiere on the HBO Max streaming service, has been scrapped.

According to scooper DanielRPK, the series was cancelled for unknown reasons. However, the pundit also claimed DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has plans for a film featuring Green Lantern. At the time of writing, no official announcements have been made concerning the fate of the project.

This follows previous reports suggesting both the showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith and stars Jeremy Irvine and Finn Wittrock, who were attached to play Alan Scott and Guy Gardner, respectively, had left the show, as the project was being revamped to center on John Stewart, rather than multiple members of the Green Lantern Corps.