Racist rant at In-N-Out Burger lands Colorado man in jail

Denver man Jordan Douglas Krah, 40, was content to be filmed delivering racist and homophobic nastiness to fellow diners in a San Ramon In-N-Out Burger joint on Christmas Eve. The performance landed him in jail; he was charged with violating California's hate crime statute.

"You're filming yourself eating? You're weird homosexuals." The diners look stunned, and the suspect then asks if they are Japanese or Korean. When one of them answers 'Korean', the suspect then says "that's what I thought. You're Kim Jong Un's boyfriend huh." As the diners laugh nervously, the suspect then says he is "a slavemaster" and uses a homophobic slur.

For those with the stomach for it, the video is interesting because one of the targets delivers witty rejoinders to the racist homophobe—and finds that it does not make the situation better for him and his dinner companion, who appears more tuned-in to the level of hostility at hand.


My friend and i were filming his reaction to my in-n-out order when this happened… #arinekim

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Here's a news segment about the incident—and another in which Krah is suspected.

The cops soon found him: