Why is Tom Cruise always running?

In the age of dwindling cinema attendance, many film critics and fans have begun to proffer multiple theories pertaining to why audiences aren't tuning out in droves. One of the most widely accepted theories is how we're currently in a post-movie star era. Outside of a handful of established names, most actors can't summon audiences in the numbers they used to. One of the few celebrities that can generate public interest with their name alone is Tom Cruise. Since his debut, Cruise has essentially remained a top draw, irrespective of the era.

As one of the most recognizable stars in all of Hollywood, Cruise's distinct mannerisms are as iconic as his stature within the industry. Without question, one of Cruise's most defining mannerisms is his trademark run, which appears in copious movies across his catalog. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Scene It Reviews explains why Tom Cruise's run is more important than most people realize.