A 23-year-old man has broken the record for planting trees

As we've collectively realized that we're doing irreparable damage to the planet, there's been an increased push toward environmental preservation and sustainability. Watching Gen Z- who will, unfortunately, be the generation that shoulders the burden of climate change- place environmental issues at the top of their political priorities has been refreshing. Instead of the flippant and dismissive attitudes practiced by other generations, Gen Z has made caring about the well-being of our planet a pivotal talking point and call to action. And most importantly, beyond platitudes and empty gestures, Gen Z has decided to take action to ensure that we change our ways as a species.

As there are copious ways to help combat the damage humanity has wrought on the Earth, it's impossible to place numerical importance on the most impressive action. Even so, the environmental work that 23-year-old Antoine Moses has done in his brief lifetime is easily some of the most remarkable stories ever recorded. In addition to the 1.3 million trees he planted in his lifetime, Moses broke a world record for planting 23,060 trees within 24 hours.