An iPad for under $200? Yup.

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There are plenty of reasons you may want to opt for a refurbished tablet. Here are some that come to mind: if you tend to break nearly everything you touch; if your kid is driving you crazy to play with your iPad; if you're looking for a beater device to bring along when you travel; or if you'd like to avoid hauling a tablet at all and keep the second one in your office.

You probably get where we're going here, so why not check out this refurbished Apple iPad Air 2. It does all the things an Apple tablet does to make life so much easier, from FaceTime to watching shows to working remotely, and you can get it for $189.99 (reg. $226).

In case you aren't familiar with buying refurbished tech products, we will bring you up to speed. Essentially, refurbishers will take older models from your favorite tech brands and fix them up to like-new working condition. The products get tested and certified, though some may have some outer blemishes on the case. Not only is it a very economically wise practice, but it's also pretty good for the environment. Every time a refurbished device is purchased instead of a brand-new one, it keeps e-waste, which is becoming kind of a big deal, out of the landfill.

This particular iPad Air boasts 64GB storage capacity, so you can download photos, videos, and important files. A 9.7" Multi-Touch screen means you can intuitively browse. An 8MP camera enables you to take great photos. With a super lightweight design (it's just 0.96 pounds), you really can take it everywhere you go. 

The Apple iPad Air 2 64GB (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) normally costs $226, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $189.99. 

Price subject to change.