It's a drone! It's a motorcycle! Wait — it's both for only $99!

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It's pretty amazing what drones are doing for us. From endearing to just plain weird, and everything in between, drones are performing tasks that would have been impossible not too long ago. But not every drone needs a purpose, at least not a purpose that is going to make headlines. Sometimes, the only reason we want a drone is to have some fun with it and to catch a few awesome images, and this drone and RC motorcycle hybrid might fit that bill quite nicely for under $100.

Let's make this clear. This is not your run-of-the-mill drone. While it may not be out there making scientific discoveries or repairing buildings from a distance, this drone does something that those other supposedly superior models cannot. It can go from being a quadcopter to a remote-controlled motorcycle in seconds. Yup, one moment it's flying through the air taking fantastic shots and videos in HD, exploring nooks and crannies, and maneuvering through the air with ease. Next, it's Evel Knievelling on the ground, performing wheelies, drifts, and jumps.

Whether you buy this for your kiddo or prefer to keep the fun for yourself, this multifunction drone will keep whoever is at the helm entertained for hours. It's easy to operate and just as easy to transform from one mode of transport to another with a few simple folds. The built-in 6-axle gyroscope provides excellent stability for the drone, while the one-key take-off and landing make it easy to control, and the headless mode makes flying your quadcopter almost effortless. The motorcycle mode allows for movement in all directions and features built-in multiple speeds.

Regularly valued at $150, this 2-in-1 Foldable Multifunction Quadcopter can be yours for only $99.00.

Prices subject to change.