Man dying of cancer, unable to stand, charged over THC paste after nurse calls cops

Welcome to Kansas, where a doctor will tell you to go ahead and vape or eat THC paste on bread to alleviate the pain of the cancer that has rendered you immobile and will kill you within weeks—and a nurse will call the cops on you, who charge you with possession and order you to appear in court to face the music.

The news of the bust was relayed to me by one of the patient's friends. I talked with the patient, 69-year-old Greg Bretz, by phone from his hospital room and he described what happened. He said he's "flat on my back" in his hospital bed and can't stand up unassisted. … He said the police were mostly intent on seizing his THC paste, which he argued was medicine, because his vaping liquid contains only a trace of THC, if any. He said he'll try to contact the prosecutor and see if they'll push back his court appearance. The one certainty in this sorry episode is that he's not going to make it there. Typically, when a defendant doesn't appear, a judge will issue an arrest warrant. If it comes to that, well, Bretz will be easy to find. He's not going anywhere.

Asshole nurse, asshole cops, and an asshole judge warming up on the sidelines.

Update: Good news! Turns out Hays Police Chief Don Scheibler isn't an asshole.

Responding officers issued Bretz a summons. However, after further review, Hays Police Chief, Don Scheibler pulled the summons and all issues are now resolved.