"Nepo Babies" and "industry plants" in the music industry

The viral and heated conversation about "nepo babies" sweeps the internet. What is a "nepo baby"? As the name implies, it's a celebrity or figure of some repute that garnered their career through nepotism. The New York Times article that launched the discussion specifically targeted the children of movie stars—and their often underwhelming professional chops—but the conversation expanded to include other industries. Not to take a thrashing lying down, several celebrities, including Jaime Lee Curtis, Kate Hudson, and Eve Hewson, pushed back against the label and even dragged The New York Times for having a "nepo baby" owner.

Even though the "nepo babies" in Hollywood can be annoying, nowhere are they more grating than in the music industry. In the video linked above, the YouTuber The Punk Rock MBA performs a deep dive into the world of "industry plants."