Weird Al walks us through his biggest hits

To borrow a modern phrase, we need to" put some respect on" Weird Al Yankovic's name. For decades, several other artists have come and gone, and Weird Al has remained constant. From Lorde to Chamillionaire, Yankovic has stayed active longer than a handful of the musicians he's lampooned. Moreover, some of the songs that Weird Al has parodied have eclipsed the original version they stem from. One could even argue that Yankovic's ability to successfully cover multiple genres makes him one of the most versatile artists in the history of popular music. 

As of late, it feels as if Yankovic is starting to get his due. Earlier this year, the artist was given a hilarious biopic that starred Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe in the lead role. In the video linked above, Weird Al sits down with GQ to discuss his lengthy career and how he created his impressive list of hits.